Earlier this year, Alex Rodriguez decided to accept a season-long suspension from Major League Baseball for his alleged ties to a doping clinic called Biogenesis. But he did not go down quietly. Before he ultimately agreed to the suspension, A-Rod vowed to fight the suspension to the very end and hired numerous lawyers and private investigators to work on his behalf. However, now that he's ended his legal battle, it seems that he still hasn't gotten around to paying all of those people for their work.

According to a source who spoke with the New York Daily News earlier this week, A-Rod owes upwards of $3 million to a number of people who served on his legal team. He has paid some of the people who worked on his behalf—his original debt was around $4 million—but there are reportedly still quite a few people waiting for their money. And according to the source, those people aren't happy about being stiffed by him.

"If he resists paying, he will pay anyway and he will suffer," the source said. "If he forces people to prove he owes them money, the issues that he discussed with his attorneys will be made public—and Alex doesn't want people telling the truth."

For what it's worth, one of A-Rod's lead attorneys Joseph Tacopina says that he has been paid for his work and that he had no problem collecting from A-Rod. But it sounds like others haven't been quite so lucky. So let's hope A-Rod gets all of this squared away before it turns into another huge scandal.

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[via New York Daily News]