Would you ever leave two kids under the age of 7 alone inside of a freezing cold car for 90 minutes? Of course not. That sounds like the dumbest idea ever, right? Yet, that's what one mother of two did in Waldorf, Md. recently.

Last Tuesday night, Regina Marie Coleman left her 6-year-old and 3 -year-old daughters inside of her Cadillac Escalade while she ran into the St. Charles Towne Center. And she didn't just run in and run out, either. She ran in, got her makeup done at a department store, and took her sweet time. Meanwhile, her children were left to cry inside the cold car—the temperature was just 16 degrees outside—before they were eventually rescued by police who tracked down Coleman. She tried to lie to them by telling them that she had run into the mall quickly to locate her lost wallet. But the police did a little bit of digging and found that she had been inside the mall for an hour and a half. So Coleman was arrested and charged with child neglect and her kids were sent to stay with relatives.

When are people going to learn that they cannot do this? It's dangerous, it's potentially life-threatening, and it's just downright stupid. So take your kids with you when you leave your car, folks.

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[via NBC Washington]