The NBA All-Star Game has never been without controversy, particularly when it comes to what players are selected. It’s actually kind of amusing to think about the amount of time spent hemming and hawing over who made it and who didn’t, compared with how long the game actually lasts and its complete lack of importance. The 2014 All-Star game is no different, with people like Joe Johnson and Paul Millsap controversially getting in while standouts like Kyle Lowry and Lance Stephenson will be forced to watch the game from home.

It’s really the enduring legacy of the All-Star game. Guys who have no right being there somehow make the team, and others make it more as a career achievement award rather than as a reflection of their on-court performance. The fan voting certainly can explain many of the surprising selections of players like Yao Ming and Shaquille O’Neal, but coaches don’t escape blame either. How else can we explain Kevin Duckworth and James Donaldson?

While the actual game is of no consequence, it’s certainly worth looking at the guys who are given the honor of being selected to participate. Rather than celebrating those who earned it, let’s take a look at the Most Undeserving NBA All-Star Selections of All Time.

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