Trendsetters always know what the next big ticket item will be. Undoubtedly, one of them will be the 2014 BMW i8, this year’s genre-defining sports car. But if you’re planning on getting one, you might want to freshen up your luggage as well.

Louis Vuitton partnered with BMW to create a series of carbon fiber suitcases, designed specifically to match and fit perfectly inside the new i8. Although it’s a clear marketing tactic to push more product, it does advance the technical boundaries in a new, interesting way.

Louis Vuitton drew inspiration from the extensive use of carbon fiber within the construction of the i8. The bags feature the checkered Louis Vuitton pattern laid on top of the fabric’s carbon weave. Pricing hasn’t been announced, but we suspect it’s astronomical. We’ll try to forget about the bags and focus on the gorgeous i8, pictured above. What a looker.

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[via BMW]