There's been a lot of talk about what sports fans should and shouldn't be allowed to say to athletes during games in recent days thanks to what happened between Oklahoma State's Marcus Smart and Texas Tech fan Jeff Orr on Saturday night. Some people feel as though fans should be allowed to say anything they want, while others think fans should just STFU and enjoy games rather than hollering at athletes the whole time.

We think that there are times when fans do get a little out of hand and say some things they shouldn't. But in the video above, you'll see an example of some quality trash talk from a heckler. In the middle of the Heat/Warriors game last night, Miami forward Michael Beasley inexplicably fell over after a free throw attempt by Golden State. And the heckler responded by yelling, "You back to smoking weed again?!"

Not bad, buddy. Even though he didn't show it, we bet that even Beasley got a little kick out of this. Watch the video above to hear the heckler in action.

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[via Black Sports Online]