As expected, Ferrari announced a new car today, the California T. The Cali bloodline is not new, but this is a very different car, starting with its refreshed looks all the way down to its brand new engine. Here are the main points we know about the vehicle so far. 

It uses a direct-injection, 560hp, 557lb-ft, 3.9L turbocharged V8 engine. 

That's 70 more horsepower than the previous California. 

Ferrari claims the engine has zero turbo lag and a 49 percent increase in torque. 

That means 0-62 in 3.6 seconds

The top goes down in 14 seconds. 

Topless 2+2! 

It has 15 percent better gas mileage. 

And spews 20 percent less emissions. 

Ferrari says it will have "the most exhilarating soundtrack any turbo has ever yielded." 

They had to change some manufacturing methods by adding things like a flat-plane crankshaft, turbo housing, and a three-piece cast exhaust manifold. 

It has a new infotainment system with 6.5-inch touchscreen. 

In addition to a "Turbo Performance Engineer (TPE) that monitors the engines performance (which you see nestled in between the two center air vents). 

And here's a quick run-down of a few more technicalities: 

  • It has the most recent version of the company's F1-Trac traction control system.
  • CCM3 carbon-ceramic braking system makes for a 62-0 braking distance of 112 feet. 
  • The "flanks" were inspired by the 250 Testarossa.
  • The rear includes new triple-fence diffuser.

It will debut at the Geneva Motor Show. 

[via Ferrari]