When the Cavaliers traded Andrew Bynum to the Bulls back in early January in exchange for Luol Deng, they had to know that there was a good possibility that Deng wouldn't resign with the team in July when he becomes a free agent, right? Er, RIGHT?!

Apparently not. Because even though the Cavs literally just added Deng to their roster, they're already trying to trade him, according to reports out of Cleveland. ESPN is reporting that the Cavaliers haven't been happy with the way Deng has played for them so far. And they feel as though he's going to leave the team when he becomes a free agent this summer. So their new general manager David Griffin is reaching out to other NBA teams who are in the mix as far as the playoffs are concerned to see if they'd be interested in making a deal for Deng. The Clippers and the Mavericks are two teams that are said to be interested in dealing for Deng and then signing him to a long-term deal.

We actually don't think that the Cavs are making a mistake here. If they don't think they have a good chance of resigning Deng to a deal in the offseason, then they should trade him. But why didn't they think about the possibility of this happening before they made a deal with the Bulls? The only answer we could come up with: Because they're the Cavaliers. Sigh.

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