Keenia Williams is a real lifesaver. No, really, she's a lifesaver. Back in October 2011, the Pinole, Calif. resident helped save the driver of a big-rig from his burning truck after he got into an accident. Without Williams' bravery, there's a good chance that the driver would have been killed as a result of the fiery crash. And on Wednesday morning, the single mother came to the rescue again.

This time, Williams—who is a devout Christian—was driving on I-80 in California when two cars collided right in front of her. One of the cars flipped over and the driver of the vehicle was trapped inside. So Williams pulled over, calmly jogged over to the overturned car, and helped the driver get out safely. It doesn't sound like the accident was quite as bad as the one that she encountered in 2011. But she's once again being heralded for her quick thinking and courageousness.

"I must be a real angel to many people," she said a short time after the accident took place. "I don't even really know."

Us, either. Saving someone from a vehicle after a bad car crash once is one thing. But twice in just two years? That's crazy. Williams must have a higher calling.

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[via KTVU]