Eff a week! Dwyane Wade is having a bad year right now. Even though 2014 literally just started, D-Wade's world got rocked recently when an Entertainment Tonight report revealed that he got a woman pregnant in early 2013 while he was "on a break" from Gabrielle Union, the woman that he just proposed to last month. Wade confirmed that the child is, in fact, his and said that he's going to do whatever it takes to remain in the kid's life. But there's nothing quite like a child with another woman to put a damper on your recent engagement!

Because D-Wade's week sucked so much, we decided to cut him some slack and leave him off of our weekly 10 Sports People Who Had a Worse Week Than You list. There's no need for us to rub anymore salt in that wound. But don't worry, there were still plenty of other sports people who had worse weeks than you. Just take a look.