Most people are probably already done with hearing more about this Richard Sherman story. In an interview with Donovan McNabb and Mark Malone on NBC Sports Radio, Sherman explained why he apologized for his actions toward Michael Crabtree. 

Sherman felt like he was taking attention away from his teammates, saying that he didn’t want his post-game comments to take away from all his teammates had done in their NFC championship win.

“It was a heated moment, it was an intense moment, just made a big play and our team just won a huge game. I’m a little frustrated by the attention that’s not being paid to my teammates. Marshawn Lynch had an incredible game. Earl Thomas had a great game. James Carpenter, our D-line, Bobby Wagner had 15 tackles, Doug Baldwin had over 100 yards. I just feel like it’s unfortunate that all those things are being overshadowed by what’s going on. That’s why I apologized, because I think my teammates deserved better.”

It's an interesting take and the story has obviously spiraled out of control with everyone and their mother placing their opinions in the abyss of Richard Sherman commentary. Should be a fun media experience for Sherman during Super Bowl week.

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[via Pro Football Talk]