With athletes on social media, it's too often that we see one case after another that ends with their foot in their own mouth. Largely, this problem has to do with the fact that athletes are under constant scrutiny from the fans and media, and whatever they say, no matter how seemingly casual it may be, is up for grabs in the court of public opinion. Whether it's former Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson dropping a homophobic slur on Twitter or Carmelo Anthony allegedly calling for a bounty on Kat Stacks, there are plenty of instances where athletes and fans have duked it out over the Internet in some pretty incredible ways.

What incident sticks out the most to you? Was it that time when Marcus Vick put out a cash reward for hits to Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper? Or did you like it when New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith silenced one of his female haters on TwitterTo show you how wild, hilarious, or absolutely crazy these moments can get, check out A Brief History of Player-Fan Beefs on Social Media.