What's with all of the carjackers disguised as Good Samaritans lately?

Late last month, we told you about a couple guys who helped a woman change her flat tire in Stockton, Calif. before stealing her car. And now comes the news that a man in New York City helped another man dig his car out of the snow late last week before carjacking him.

The incident in question took place on Friday afternoon shortly after a snowstorm blasted the East Coast and dumped a ton of snow on NYC and the surrounding area. A 19-year-old man was digging his car out of the snow in Queens when another man named Genero Placenia approached him and asked him if he needed a hand. The 19-year-old man said yes, and Placenia helped him finish the task. When the two men were done, Placenia then asked if the 19-year-old would mind driving him to East New York. The man agreed to do it. But when the two men arrived at their destination, Placenia pulled a gun on the man and stole his phone, a small amount of cash, and the car that he had helped the man dig out of the snow.

It was, well, not nice. Not nice at all. Fortunately, police caught up with Placenia a short time later, arrested him, and recovered the car. But if you're the 19-year-old victim, you went from having your faith in humanity restored to having your faith in humanity completely destroyed in a matter of just hours. Who knew you had to be so careful when it comes to Good Samaritans?

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[via New York Post]