Don't watch LeBron James on this crazy coast-to-coast dunk. We know that's kind of difficult to do, seeing as how the camera is focused on him. But don't do it. Instead, take a look at how Lakers guard Kendall Marshall responded to LeBron driving down the court in his direction last night. The way we see it, he had three options here:

  1. Tackle LeBron, get thrown out of the game, and pay a $10,000 fine later.
  2. Attempt to draw a charge on LeBron and then spend the rest of the night—and the rest of the season—on the sideline with a broken, well, everything.
  3. Run at LeBron as if you're going to play D but then think, "Um, nah," and run behind him as if you didn't have a realistic chance of slowing him down.

Press play on the video above to see which option Marshall chose. We don't think you're going to be surprised.

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[via For The Win]