There is still a lot of time left between now and the 2014 NFL Draft. So this next piece of news could very well change in the coming months. But according to sources who spoke with CBS Sports recently, the Cleveland Browns are reportedly very interested in the idea of drafting Johnny Manziel this spring. And they would reportedly be willing to move up in the draft in order to do it. They currently hold the fourth overall pick, but they also have the Colts' first-round pick after trading Trent Richardson to Indianapolis last year. So they could conceivably make a move up the draft board.

As we mentioned, this is, at best, a rumor right now. The Browns don't even have a head coach in place at the moment, so it's ridiculous to think that they're definitely going to draft Johnny Football. But if you're a Browns fan, this has to be at least a little bit encouraging, right? You've been dealt so many bad hands when it comes to quarterbacks in recent years that the thought of Manziel coming to Cleveland should get you fired up about next season. Now, you just have to sit back and wait for the NFL Draft to start on May 8 to see if you dream comes true…

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[via National Football Post]