[UPDATE]Lions Bay Fire Chief Andrew Oliver pointed out that the Ferrari was actually just a kit car. It was a dressed up Pontiac Fiero that was charging. When the battery caught fire, it spread to the vehicle next to it, and sent the house into a blaze. Because the community is so small (15 houses), the water supply is extremely limited. The fire department could not stop the fire, and resorted to simply preventing it from spreading. By the time they were finished, the local water tank was completely empty, leaving neighborhood residents without water to even brush their teeth. 

A Ferrari owner got some bad news and then even worse news. First his Ferrari caught fire while connected to a trickle charger and obliterated a house. And because of where the owner lives, he/she will have to to pay $100,000 to the local fire departments. 

The owner lived in Strachan Point, an unincorporated community outside of Vancouver. Because residents in Strachan Point don't pay any taxes, they're not covered in the event of a fire. So all the costs that come with putting out the blaze fall into the pockets of the individual. 

Somebody buy the owner a beer. He/she probably won't be able to afford one after replacing a Ferrari, a house, and a huge debt to the fire department. 

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[via Jalopnik]