What was once a village-sized compound used solely for cranking out cars, the Detroit Packard Plant was abandoned in the mid-1950s and has since slowly decayed to a shell of its former self. Graffiti artists paint the walls without consequence and tourists come for the 3,500,000-square-foot photography studio. It really is a sad relic of what American industry used to be, but it's also beautiful and irresistible.

Matt and Fabrizio of Cantini Pictures armed themselves with a custom built Honda dirtbike and an aerial drone and set out to film a cool ride through  of a section of the structure. Through all the rubbish and debris, you can still see the bones of the buildings that used to stand there, now plastered with tags and overgrown by weeds. The rider goes up and down stairs and at one point rides dangerously close to the edge of a roof. We think the video is exciting and very well shot, and it definitely makes us want to visit this place soon.

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[via Autoblog]