Who is Floyd Mayweather Jr. going to fight next? Unfortunately, we have absolutely no idea right now. Money May still hasn't made an official announcement and it could be awhile before he makes the announcement. But regardless of who he fights, there's a good chance that that fighter will already have some bulletin board material. That's because late last night, Mayweather took some time to troll three of his possible opponents on Instagram.

First, he took a shot at Amir Khan:

The caption for this photo read, "Just imagine what Amir 'Con Artist' will get if his name gets picked in the Mayweather sweepstakes."

Then, he took aim at Marcos Maidana:

The caption for this photo read, "Can I please order a one-piece with a biscuit? No sides."

And finally, he finished things off when he took a swipe at Manny Pacquiao:

The caption for this photo read, "Juan Marquez ate Timothy Bradley's leftovers. Now you're telling me I got to eat Juan Marquez's leftovers? Let me talk to the IRS about this…"

Ouch, ouch, and ouch. Well done, Floyd. But you do know that eventually you'e going to have to pick someone to fight in the ring, right? Please don't make us wait forever.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]