The irony on Houston's season starts with Brian Cushing. When he made that impressive interception to seal the Texans' 31-28 win over the Chargers in Week 1. It looked like the start of great things to come, but Houston ended up winning only one game (the following week) for rest of the season. As they head to the season finale, the Texans are 2-13 and without a head coach for next season; the organization fired Gary Kubiak earlier this month.

Houston interviewed ex-Bears head coach Lovie Smith to take up the vacancy, but it looks like he's going to have to stay without such a job for a little while longer. That's because the Texans are looking at Penn State's Bill O'Brien. The coach met up with the organization in Cape Cod in hopes of finalizing the contract.

O'Brien to Houston isn't a definite, though. He did tell one recruit—defensive lineman Thomas Holley, who ranks second in the country—that he was coming back to Penn State like he did this year after he was interviewed by the Browns and Philadelphia. So maybe Smith does have hope after his ridiculous firing last season. 

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