Ever since the New York Yankees got Babe Ruth, the idea has persisted in sports that money wins championships. And to a large extent, it's true! Simply put, small-market teams like the Oakland A's or Kansas City Royals are just at a disadvantage to big spenders like the Texas Rangers or Boston Red Sox. However, because fans feel burned by this system, they throw their hate at every outlet they can find. Suddenly, the Yankees are spending too much and the Rays aren't spending enough. It just doesn't make sense.

Yes, in certain cases (especially baseball) there are instances of imbalance. It's practically an epidemic in European soccer. But you can't criticize big-time franchises like the Yankees for using baseball's no-cap system to their advantage. They'd be stupid not to do it. Players want money, and larger markets can afford to pay them those amounts. That's just the reality we have to put up with as fans.