As far as the weather is concerned, most of the country just endured a pretty wild weekend. Tornadoes, hurricane-like storms, and high-speed winds raced across the Midwest yesterday afternoon and caused tons of damage in different parts of the region. And in the Indianapolis area, it appears as though things got really bad.

Just check out the images above. They were taken outside of a Starbucks in Lebanon, Ind. shortly after a tornado ripped through the area on Sunday. As you can see, the tornado was apparently so powerful that it managed to flip a car over outside of the store and leave it on its side right in front of the building. People who were inside the Starbucks at the time revealed that other cars in the parking lot sustained major damage as well.

Fortunately, no one in this particular area was injured as a result of the tornado. But they will need to holler at their car insurance claims department ASAP today.

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[via Indy Star]