What's with all of the amazing hockey celebrations this week?! On Tuesday, we showed you the incredible dance routine that a Norwegian hockey player did after his team won a game. And last night, Dallas Stars goalie Kari Lehtonen stunted all over the Calgary Flames by kicking back and enjoying the end of a 7-3 win from on top of his own net. As you can see, he climbed up onto the net and took a seat as the final seconds ticked off the clock during the game and looked completely unconcerned with the idea of the Flames getting a goal on him.

The game was obviously all but over when Lehtonen decided to have a seat. But still, did he really need to go through all that effort to climb on top of the net for a few seconds of peace and quiet? Oh well. You can do things like this when you can do things like this as well.

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[via The Dallas Morning News]