Is Mike Tyson disappointed when looking back at his career? Yes. However, it's probably not the type of regrets you're thinking of. You see, while you may immediately point to his bouts with drugs or all of the outlandish behavior, Tyson has a different response. When Iron Mike was asked about whether he feared killing someone in the ring, here's what he had to say:

"Yes, but I was so disappointed that I didn't. Although I'm happy now that I didn't."

Yeah, but why are you happy you didn't, Mike? Because you genuinely didn't want to kill someone in the ring or because you just didn't want to end up in prison? Well, we may have our answer. Upon hearing that another fighter had killed an opponent, Tyson responded, "He's not as ferocious as I am. How did he kill somebody? That guy must have been sick already or something."

Ahh, we see. So maybe it's the latter, which is such a Iron Mike way of looking at things.   

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[via The Telegraph]