As sad as it is to see the Gallardo cease from coming off the Lamborghini production line (No. 14,022 ended a 10-year production span this week), it means that we're one step closer to the birth of a new chapter in supercar excellence. Lambo made sure not to leave any gaps. 

The official website for the new V10 car, known by eager anticipators as the Cabrera, opened with the first official teaser, touching on auditory arousal first. It gives us the gift of exhaust and it sounds wonderful (hear it below/download it to keep for yourself, or go to The Hexagon Project and experience it in full): 

In timing that Lamborghini is probably pretty uset about, a new leak, which is most likely a rendering, of the car also came out today, shown in magazine completely unveiled. Even if they are computer-generated, they still look pretty damn good and might be as close to it as we've seen so far. 

Check out the FULL HEXAGON PROJECT WEBSITE HERE, and look out for more news coming soon. 

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[via Lamborghini, Zero 2 Turbo