Over the course of the last few weeks, it feels like just about everyone has taken a shot at Knicks guard Chris Smith. From fans of the Knicks to NBA insiders, everyone has had something negative to say about Smith being a member of the Knicks team this season. The New York Post even called him the "most expensive D-League player ever" recently. But the criticism of Chris Smith went to a whole new level last night when Brandon Jennings sent out a series of tweets about him. First, he sent out this one, which he has since deleted:

Then, he followed it up by saying that, while he respects J.R. Smith's game, he thinks there are other guys who deserve a roster spot over his brother:

And he finished off his mini-rant off by telling his 59,000-plus Twitter followers that he does not have any beef with J.R. or Chris Smith:

But obviously, Jennings' tweets didn't sit well with either of the Smith brothers. Chris acknowledged what Jennings said on Twitter but refused to get into a Twitter war with him:

But J.R. didn't react quite as rationally. He started off by telling Jennings to #ManUp after he noticed that he had deleted his tweet about Chris:

Then, he sent out this tweet, which J.R. might want to consider deleting, like, now before the NBA gets winds out it:

And he finished off his night with this:


And finally, this:

Yikes. Just FYI, Jennings and the Pistons are set to take on the Knicks next Tuesday night in Detroit. GO SET YOUR DVR NOW! That game is suddenly gonna be really good.

[via @StackMack]