If you're going to celebrate a birthday, why not go all out? Fabolous didn't want to go with the boring pop-bottles-in-a-strip-club party for his 36th, so he went old-school. Fab modeled his shindig after The Great Gatsby, calling himself "The Great Fabsby" and having his guests dress the part in the best 50's digs they could find.

The entire New York venue was swagged out like the 1950s by the Vanity Group, from the marquee, to the showgirls, to the speakeasy-style interior. Of course Fab had to rent something special for the occasion, so The Great Fabsby got himself a 1958 Rolls Royce, complete with a driver named Castro. There was a second car that we assume was for his mom, and a third topped his custom birthday cake. To see more photos from the awesome night, check out @myfabolouslife on Instagram.

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