This past Sunday, two parents from Green Bay, Wisc. welcomed their third child into the world at 12:20 P.M. Soon after, nurses discovered something: a broken collarbone. But, no need to worry, injuries to the collarbone are quite common in newborns, according to the man responsible for delivering the little guy, Dr. Robert Moyer. So, with that fear set aside, now it was time to give the baby a name. 

That's when the father, Kyle Dryer, came up with Aaron Rodger. If you don't know, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is currently healing from a small fracture in his collarbone. Since both parents are Pack fans, the parallels between the baby Aaron and QB Aaron seemed like it was destiny.

And with a name like Aaron Rodger comes great responsibility. “He’ll be taking snaps,” Kyle said on Tuesday as the family returned home from the hospital. So, yeah, no pressure. 

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[via Bleacher Report]