The Texans' season has been steadily heading downhill this year. It's nowhere near as bad as their division rivals over at Jacksonville—no one is that bad—but 2-6 is nothing to boast about either. Things have gotten harder since last Sunday for the Texans, though.

They've lost head coach Gary Kubiak temporarily because of his scary collapse during halftime of last Sunday night's game. This Sunday, Houston will also be heading to battle without its star running back. Arian Foster is sitting out the game against the Cardinals because of back problems. He suffered the injury on the first play of Houston's game agains the Colts. Foster had been battling hamstring problems up to that point.

Foster has been having a pretty solid season up until this point. He rushed for 542 yards and one touchdown in his eight games. Can Foster and Kubiak come back in time to right the Texan ship? Probably not. There's no use righting a shinking ship anyway. Regardless, hopefully Kubiak and Foster has a speedy recovery.

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