It doesn't seem like Alex Rodriguez's lawyers have enough evidence to prove that he didn't use performance-enhancing drugs provided to him by Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch. So rather than trying to reduce A-Rod's MLB-issued suspension by providing evidence in his favor, they're doing the next best thing: They're trying to discredit everything that MLB's key witness Bosch has revealed about A-Rod in the last year or so. And their method of doing it is, well, interesting to say the least.

According to New York Magazine, A-Rod's lawyers are trying to portray Bosch as a cocaine-using druggie who is not to be trusted. And they're doing it by using an image of Bosch and a friend that features two baggies filled with an unidentified white powder. You can check out the photo over here. Bosch refused to say whether or not he uses cocaine when he testified at A-Rod's arbitration hearing recently. But one of Bosch's friends did reportedly reveal that Bosch uses cocaine "on an almost daily basis."

Bosch's lawyers are, of course, arguing that Bosch's alleged cocaine use has absolutely nothing to do with A-Rod. But if A-Rod's lawyers are able to definitively prove that Bosch uses drugs, it could cast a shadow of doubt over the entire A-Rod situation. And if nothing else, it proves that A-Rod's lawyers are pulling out all the stops in order to reduce or eliminate A-Rod's suspension. We'll have to wait a few more weeks to see if it actually works.

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[via New York Magazine]