It’s easy to hate on the NBA, considering the huge volume of overpaid players. Well, really they’re all overpaid, but we’re talking in relative terms here. There’s no way that, in a just basketball world, Gilbert Arenas should make over $22 million a season and be the league’s third highest paid player. Even Kobe Bryant, who could spend the entire season on the sidelines rehabbing his Achilles’, is probably overpaid at $30-plus million a season considering his age and the fact that he's taking up half of the cap.

There are, however, some guys who more than earn their paycheck. They certainly still get rewarded handsomely (like Tony Parker or LeBron James), but they also outpace their pay grade with their on-court exploits. While there are many in the league who fit this description, these are the 20 Most Underpaid Players in the NBA Today.
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