Royce White, you are not one of the "six NBA players" on the 76ers roster that Sixers head coach Brett Brown alluded to earlier this week...

According to reports out of Philadelphia, the Sixers have decided to part ways with White, who was traded to them by the Rockets back in early July. White played in a preseason game for the team earlier this month and appeared to be on the fast track to making the team's roster this season, given the lack of talent that Philly currently has within their organization. But it sounds like the Sixers weren't impressed enough with White to keep him on their team. It also sounds like there were no hard feelings between the two sides following White's release. White sent out this tweet late yesterday:

There has ben no word as to why the Sixers decided to release White. In Houston, the anxiety disorder that White suffers from was a major source of contention and ultimately led to him getting traded. But it's unclear whether that played any role in White getting released by Philly. Either way, he has a tough road ahead of him. If he's not productive enough to play for the sorry Sixers right now, we don't know where else he's going to catch on. We hope he gets one more chance, though, because his career up to this point has been pretty underwhelming.

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[via Eye on Basketball]