You know Land Rover has gotten away from its roots when it's announcing a $226,000 Range Rover limo. We're not saying it's not the perfect vehicle for a billionaire Saudi oil baron, a rapper, or the generalisimo of a junta, but we are saying this has nothing to do with the small, rugged trucks Land Rover started out with. It's just funny how things change. 

The Range Rover Long-Wheelbase only comes in Autobiography and Autobiography Black trim levels, meaning that it comes with powered side door blinds, special badging, and a panoramic roof as standard. Unique to the LWB is the option of "executive seating," which takes the form of two luxurious reclining thrones facing 10.4-inch infotainment screens and appointed with personal leathe -clad tray tables with integral USB charging ports.

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[via Land Rover