We love high speed chases in movies, and on those trashy compilation shows that you watch at 4:00 AM on a Thursday morning right after "Real Videos of the World's Most Destructive Weather," but the reality is that they put innocent lives at risk, and that's not cool.

In order to reduce chases on the road, some enterprising inventor came up with the GPS cannon, which launches a GPS tracker out of the front of a cop car using a compressed air blast. After firing the tracker cops can strategically cut off the suspect and stop the car without endangering the public nearly as much. We must admit, while it isn't as badass as a car chase with lots of oversteer, having a flip up flap that reveals a double-barreled air cannon is still pretty badass.

Some argue that since the police require a warrant to GPS track a car, the system will get shut down in the courts, but we'd be surprised. An officer can pursue a criminal into his home without a warrant if said officer just witnessed a crime, and we think this is more or less the same thing.

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