ESPN's short lived show Playmakers was, hands down, one of the best TV shows about sports ever. Yes, ever. And yet, it only aired for one season on the Worldwide Leader in Sports back in 2003 because the NFL forced ESPN to cancel it. So over the years, a lot of people have forgotten about it, and ESPN essentially pretends like it never existed (sorry, no repeats on ESPN Classic!).

It did exist, though, and TD Daily just proved it by putting together an oral history of the show over here. They talked to the creator of Playmakers as well as several actors from the show about what it was like to film it, the reaction that they got to appearing on the show, and the eventual cancellation that shocked a lot of them. If you were a fan of Playmakers and you miss the show as much as we do, you'll enjoy reading about it. Just don't be surprised if you run to Netflix as soon as you finish to order the first season on DVD.

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[via TD Daily]