Have you accrued massive amounts of wealth through a lucrative venture and are looking to invest in something to flaunt your prosperity? Good news: Michael Jordan is putting his Chicago mansion up for sale.

The legend tried to sell his 56,000 square foot home last year, but had a hard time selling the compound for $29 million. He lowered it to a less expensive but still crazy price of $21 million this year. The reason Jordan is selling it isn't just for profit, though; he says he simply doesn't need it anymore. "My kids are grown now and I don't need a large house in Chicago," he wrote in an email according to Wall Street Journal.

The mansion's features include:

  • A regulation-sized basketball court with locker rooms and a shower right next to it.
  • Nine bedrooms and 19 bathrooms, which means you'd may have to spend a little more on bedroom furniture and toilet paper. That probably shouldn't be an issue if you have millions to spend; there should be no excuse for running out of 2-ply.
  • A gate that says "23." So when someone questions if this is really Michael Jordan's mansion, you can be all like, "Peep the fence."

Just be prepared with $250,000, which is the down payment required when the mansion goes up for auction on Nov. 22.

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[via Wall Street Journal]