It's a great day to be a fan of the Boston Red Sox. If you support the Sox, then you just watched your team win their eighth World Series ever and, more importantly, their third World Series in the last ten years. So you're probably still popping bottles (of water…we hope) right now in celebration of the Red Sox big win over the Cardinals last night.

You know who is not happy right now, though? Yankees fans. Poor, poor Yankees fans. And we know this because we just did a search of the word "Yankees" on Twitter and realized that just about every single result for that search featured a bitter Yankees fan trolling Red Sox fans with a "Call me when you win your 27th World Series!" tweet. Some of them went even deeper than that to show just how truly pissed off they are right now.

So in honor of the Red Sox ending their 2013 season with a World Series win, we thought we would collect 20 tweets from random Yankees fans to illustrate just how mad they are about having to see their rivals win the championship last night. Click through the thumbs gallery above to check them out.

Don't worry, guys. There's always next season, right? Ha. Yeah, we're sure that will help you sleep good for the next six months or so when this is a reality:

See ya in the spring!

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