Fellow touchdown celebration-extraordinaire Chad Johnson found work elsewhere as a fantasy football analyst for CBS Sports. That doesn't mean Terrell Owens is quite ready to leave his NFL career behind him though.

The former wide receiver released the above clip—a training video—on his website to show NFL teams that he can still be a difference maker on-the-field...unlike Johnson in his final season with the Patriots.

Of course, he's still in excellent physical shape like he's always been, but is this really going to change minds? Owens is at the not-so-ripe age of 39 (he turns 40 in December) and it looks like his cuts and stops aren't all that sharp. His comeback chances are looking kind of slim.

With that said, you can't be made if he actually does make a comeback and somehow has a 1,000-plus yard season as slim as the chances of that actually happening may be.

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[via Black Sports Online]