During a recent match, the Boca Juniors and Argentinos Juniors teams played to a draw. But there was one clear loser in the match. That loser? Argentinos midfielder Gaspar Iniguez.

While trying to challenge Boca's Cristian Erbes midway through the match, Iniguez accidentally lost his balance and fell forward on the pitch. So while he was able to tackle Erbes, he ended up doing it with his face. And that led to Erbes' feet getting tangled up with Iniguez's head and knocking out three of his teeth. It was a very painful misstep by Iniguez.

Oh, and that wasn't all, either. In addition to losing three of his teeth, a referee also gave Iniguez a yellow card for his dirty tackle. It didn't end up costing his team and, like we said, the match ended 0-0. But he's definitely not going to live this challenge up for awhile. Watch it take place in the clip above.

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[via Dirty Tackle]