Did you see the Seahawks' Week 1 victory over the Panthers? It was, er, not all that impressive. They did walk out of Carolina with a W, so that's all that matters. But the final score was 12-7 and Seattle struggled to move the ball much against the Panthers stingy D.

You wouldn't know that by watching this video. It features a bunch of highlights from the Seahawks/Panthers game as well as music from Macklemore and makes it look like the Seahawks ran all over the Panthers! It was played prior to the Seahawks/49ers game on Sunday night to get the team and crowd fired up, and Seahawks coach Pete Carroll just uploaded it to his Vimeo account.

The video may have been a little bit deceiving. But apparently, it worked, as it helped lead Seattle to a victory. But moving forward, the Seahawks might want to find some new highlights to use for their pre-game videos. That probably won't matter this week, though. The Jaguars are coming to town. No inspirational video necessary.

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[via SB Nation]