Russell Westbrook is a pretty fashionable dude. We should know. After all, we did put him on the cover of Complex a few months back. But earlier this week, he took his love for fashion to a whole new level when he attended Fashion Week in New York City and rubbed elbows with fashion designers, a bunch of other fashion-crazy celebs, and even Anna Wintour. The New York Times just talked to the Thunder guard about the experience and, not surprisingly, he said he loved it.

"The shows, as an experience, have been amazing," he said. "It was a learning process for me, to be able to see the shows from a different point of view."

The Times also talked to a bunch of designers and creative directors about Westbrook's presence at the shows. See what they had to say over here.

We're glad that Russell had a good time and everything. But what's up with the knee, man? You going to be ready for the start of the season or what?

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[via NYT]