Meek Mill knows how to grind. Well, let us clarify that: Meek Mill knows how to grind when it comes to rapping and hustling and doing whatever it takes to survive. But grinding on a skateboard? Um, yeah, he doesn't really know how to do that.

So recently, Lil Wayne tried to give the MMG rapper a few pointers and convinced him to try his hand at skateboarding. But as you'll see at the 5:35 mark of this video, he was largely unsuccessful. And after taking a huge spill, Meek decided that he had had enough and hung up his skateboard for good.

That's probably for the best. Meek is already good at grinding in other areas of his life, and he's a busy man these days. So there's really no need for him to pick up a new hobby.

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[via Rap Radar]