Peyton Manning had a huge accomplishment this week. No it's not just throwing those seven touchdowns and proving he just may be the best quarterback in the league. It's being inducted to Kobe Bryant's Vino Club. Manning is the club's fourth member, according to Bryant's tweet:

"Vino" was originally just a nickname given to Kobe because of his ability to still be lethal on the court despite his aging. Now it's a club that includes Floyd Mayweather Jr., Justin Timberlake, Bryant, and Manning. Timberlake's inclusion means that membership isn't just limited to sports. So here's the membership requirements as of now:

  • You have to be in your 30s. Timberlake is the youngest at 32.
  • You have to be champion of something. Mayweather held a few belts, Bryant has a few rings, and where do we even begin with Timberlake's accolades.
  • You have to still be good at something; it isn't good enough to be a used-to-be. Mayweather is still undefeated.
  • Constant namedrops in music. See: "Kobe" by Chief Keef, Manning in that one line on Jadakiss' "What If," and the Mayweather reference on Lupe Fiasco's "SLR."

There's no word on how does one actually learn about his initiation, though. Do the new inductees get a terse text message from Bryant where he's like "Congrats. You're in the #VinoClub. #MambaOut," with a picture of him smiling while an aura forms around him? Also, is he the type to use hashtags in a text?

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[via Kobe Bryant]