Kevin Ware became a nationally known name after his horrific leg injury during the NCAA Championships, which is doubly unfortunate since he became known for that scary sight rather than his on-the-court contributions. His off-the-court contributions were priceless, however. He encouraged his team while that bone was protruding from his leg and provided a source of inspiration for the Cardinals during their championship run.

Ware memorably showed up in crutches to finish ceremonially cutting down the net, but the basket had to be lowered for him to do so. Now he definitely won't be needing that type of help anymore. Just six months after the injury, teammate Chris Jones posted an Instagram video of Ware dunking. A show of dedication and resilience, all within a few seconds.

The even better news is head coach Rick Pitino expects Ware to be back as a backup guard by October. With how he's progressing, it's looking like he'll have a chance to make a bigger name for himself as an on-court contributor in addition to being an inspiration.

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[via For The Win]