When you're 0-3 and are bad as the Jaguars you find joy in the smallest successes. That's even if you're in the midst of getting blown out by the Seahawks.

Jacksonville got straight up bamboozled by Seattle, 45-17. But earlier in the game third-year running back Jordan Todman cut a 38-10 deficit to 38-17 in the fourth quarter with his three-yard run. This was the first touchdown of his NFL career.

But then Todman decided to make a hushing gesture right after. This can mean multiple things:

  • He wanted to silence people who though the game was already over. After all, a few minutes is more than enough time to comeback from three touchdowns right?
  • CenturyLink Field is extremely loud. The man needed some silence to do his work.
  • He was going to pull off some great, tightly choreographed touchdown celebration, but he realized that his team was losing by so much it would be pointless to execute it. So he hushed himself.

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[via Bleacher Report]