Jay Z is reportedly getting ready to cut all of his remaining ties to the Brooklyn Nets.

Earlier this month, we told you about how Jay Z sold his stake in the Nets organization to Nets head coach Jason Kidd for about $500,000. But now comes the news that he's also selling off his stake in Brooklyn's Barclays Center. It's not a huge stake—he reportedly owns just one-fifth of one percent of the Barclays Center—but the Barclays Center is valued at about $741 million right now, according to Forbes. So even though it's a small stake, it's still worth about $1.5 million. And there's a chance that it could end up being even more valuable than that because of all the success that the Barclays Center has enjoyed since it opened up.

So that's that. After a nice run with the Nets, Jay Z is officially turning over the keys to the Barclays Center (not really, but…) and becoming a fan again. Er, or better yet, he's becoming an even bigger deal than he was as a part-owner of the Nets by using his Roc Nation Sports company to represent some of the players who will take part in games at the Barclays Center. So even though he's no longer running with the Nets or the Barclays Center, he'll still be making plenty of money as a result of both of them.

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