Because he's probably nearing the end of his NBA career right now, it's unlikely that Jason Terry is going to spend very much time in Brooklyn in the coming years. But for now, it's becoming increasingly clear that Terry is going to enjoy BK while he's there as a member of the Nets.

And how does he plan on doing that? For starters, he's reportedly going to get a tattoo to show just how proud he is to be a part of the Nets organization. Terry—who was actually born in Seattle, Wash. and raised on the West Coast—is going to get a tattoo that says, "BK All Day." He's going to show it off when the Nets open up their season on October 30 against the Cavaliers.

"BK All Day," huh? We respect Terry for embracing Brooklyn. But it's gonna look pretty weird when he unveils that tattoo right next to the leprechaun he got last year when he joined the Celtics.

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[via SLAM]