To be fair, Michigan's Devin Gardner was having a great game up to this point. He had 315 yards and four touchdowns, plus wearing No. 98 in honor of Tom Harmon—Michigan's first Heisman trophy winner—was a good look.

It's crazy how that can all potentially become undone thanks to a crucial mistake. Michigan was up 34-20 when Gardner was on the verge of taking a safety, which would've been OK because it would still be a two possession game. Throwing an interception because of not wanting to take a safety: NOT OK. Gardner clumsily threw the ball into defensive end Stephon Tuitt's hands for a Notre Dame pick six. That's a mistake you don't want to do in a nationally televised game.

On the other hand, this made for a very interesting situation. Those who stayed after Eminem's were treated to an exciting turn of events.

Michigan came out on top 41-30.

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