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You’ve spent the dog days of August sweating through most of your wardrobe, and trying to take long weekend after long weekend in search of relief. You’re over the beach and you’re running out of ideas to keep yourself entertained, we get it. Calm down, and take a step back from the ledge, there is hope in sight. While for some the end of August brings on a case of summertime sadness, we all know it’s really a cause for celebration. It’s time to rejoice sports fans because September is right around the corner, and that means so is football.

The NFL is still a few weeks away from kickoff, but college football is ready for action this weekend. In celebration of the return of our favorite fall Saturday activity, we’ve decided to comb through the archives to find the most brutal, bone-crushing, and ground-shaking afflictions to take place on the collegiate gridiron. From Zack Dumas nearly ending Stacy Danley, to Quinton Moore decapitating Lev Dejohnette, check out, the 25 Most Brutal Hits in College Football History.

Written by Adam Silvers (@silversurfer103)