Like a lot of college kids, Oklahoma Sooners defensive back Kass Everett wanted a copy of Grand Theft V yesterday. The only problem? Well, like a lot of college kids, Everett doesn't have an extra $60 to spend right now. So he was left empty-handed yesterday and sent out this tweet about it:

A few minutes later, though, his former Sooners teammate/current Arizona Cardinals safety Tony Jefferson jumped in and saved the day. Er, at least until he brought up the OU Compliance department, which is designed to help stop OU student-athletes from making themselves ineligible to participate in collegiate sports by accepting gifts from boosters:

Everett's response? Something that could have gotten him into some trouble:

But fortunately for OU fans, the OU Compliance team was on the ball. And they stepped in almost immediately and let Jefferson know that he could not give Everett anything, since he's no longer a part of the program.

Oh well. We're sure Everett has better things to be worrying about right now anyway. Like the fact that the Sooners are traveling to Indiana next weekend to take on Notre Dame. GTA V can wait.

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[via College Spun]