This insane video was taken by the helmet cam of one of the bikers involved in a high-speed chase in New York City. According to Daily Mail, the driver of the black Range Rover claims that the bikers were driving "erratically" and that he accidentally clipped one of them with his vehicle. The bikers were upset and approached his vehicle on the highway. The driver responded by speeding away with his wife and young child, rolling over the motorcycles in his path. The large group of bikers then chase the Range Rover, catching up to him once in traffic, then again at a point off the main road where he had no way to go. The bikers began to smash the driver's window with their helmets, causing cuts to his face and other parts of his body. The six-minute-long video is terrifying. Regardless of who was at fault, we can only imagine how the famly in the Range must have felt when all of those bikes were chasing after them:

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