We’ve all been there. For whatever reason you’re on a long road trip and after days of service plazas and rest stops, you get sick of fast-food burger joints and gas station corn dogs. You hate yourself for maintaining a diet similar to a member of Honey Boo-Boo’s family, but there don’t seem to be any better options. You want to do better, but how?

It might be time to expand your horizons. Here at Complex Rides, we are committed to helping you utilize your car in new, adventurous ways. You’ve already use your ride as a powder room when you wake up late for work and have to fumble with a razor as you hit the highway. You’ve already tried to convince your girlfriend to make your car into a kinky boudoir, likely with limited success. Now it’s time to make your car your kitchen. We've found some of the best tools for preparing food while still making good time so you can eat well and drive well at the same time. From hotdogs under the hood to baked ziti with your cigarette lighter, here is A Guide Cooking Food With Your Car.